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What goes well with water?

We analyzed over 150,000 recipes to figure out which ingredients makes water better. On average, recipes with water gets 4.29⭐ review scores. But in some combinations, review scores get a lot better. Like with salted peanuts. And sometimes worse. Like with white rice.
Here comes the combinations we found:

Stand out: salted peanuts, pomegranate juice, tart apples, red enchilada sauce, corned beef brisket, green pepper, golden syrup, iceberg lettuce, parsnips, hummus, pie crust, sweetener, refried beans, yellow cake mix, butternut squash, white onion, coconut sugar, naan, nutritional yeast, quinoa, cashew nuts, sea salt, parsley

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Better than not: unsalted peanuts, rutabaga, white rum, black rice, rabbit, miso paste, apple brandy, portobello mushrooms, scallops, toasted pine nuts, meyer lemon, soy, corn on the cob, clams, gorgonzola cheese, fennel seed, buckwheat flour, tomatoes with juice, butter lettuce, tilapia, mexican oregano, pearl onions, creme fraiche, seasoned rice vinegar, udon noodles, cinnamon sugar, granny smith, horseradish, pistachios, cottage cheese, sweet chili sauce, black eyed peas, phyllo dough, boneless chicken thighs, ginger ale, farro, egg beaten, skin, jalapeño chili, acorn squash, sesame seed oil, baking cocoa, chili, swiss chard, saffron threads, enchilada sauce, italian seasoned crumbs, cod, rose water, mustard seed, vodka, edamame, cotija cheese, sweet italian sausage, plum tomatoes, watermelon, lean pork, silken tofu, pomegranate molasses, skim mozzarella cheese, hamburger buns, mild chili powder, eggplant, sweet corn, salad greens, tomatillos, sherry, turkey carcass, pancetta, food coloring, barley, dark molasses, golden raisins, andouille sausage, xanthan gum, fruit, brandy, masa harina, excess fat, italian parsley, whipped cream cheese, whiskey, lemongrass, lemon pepper seasoning, saffron, button mushrooms, nut butter, raspberries, kimchi, yellow bell pepper, grapeseed, table salt, red kidney beans, marjoram, ditalini, fontina cheese, dill pickles, black mustard, nuts, asiago cheese, radishes, pinto beans, poultry seasoning, vegetable stock, stewed tomatoes, shiitake, mashed banana, beef brisket, hot italian sausage, celery seed, hard boiled egg, chipotle pepper, oatmeal, panko, apricots, kombu, red potatoes, fish stock, white beans, mandarin oranges, unbleached bread flour, pineapple tidbits, bread, vermicelli, potato starch, cajun seasoning, oranges, balsamic vinegar, barley malt syrup, pico de gallo, seasoned salt, chicken wings, sunflower oil, walnuts, green apple, sweet paprika, tabasco sauce, red cabbage, salmon, tortilla, quick oats, pickling spice, graham cracker crumbs, green olives, spaghetti noodles, shell pasta, smoked sausage, hard cheese, light soy sauce, low fat milk, stock, mashed potatoes, stew meat, white bread, marshmallows, tamari, vegetable shortening, coconut, blanched almonds, bread flour, anise, cannellini, great northern beans, turkey, pecans, baby red potatoes, vegetable, raspberry jam, banana, white wine, green cabbage, porcini mushrooms, kernel corn, pasta shells, basmati, chili sauce, flaky salt, thai basil, sweet onion, worcestershire sauce, chickpeas, hominy, pasta, avocado, fire tomatoes, sweet potatoes, shortening, avocado oil, sirloin, bok choy, dark soy sauce, unsalted chicken broth, pepperoni, barbecue sauce, red chili, green lentils, hot water, lemon cake mix, natural peanut butter, caramels, cracked pepper, vegan butter, chicken stock, rum, cream chicken soup, almond butter, chia, bacon, liquid smoke, vanilla cake mix, water chestnuts, peach, green beans, blackstrap molasses, guacamole, mayonnaise, cilantro powder, rice milk, thyme, evaporated milk, toasted white sesame, red wine, kabocha squash, pork loin, parmesan, green bell pepper, ginger garlic paste, oregano, italian sausage, chili powder, light coconut milk, italian tomatoes, chili flakes, dark corn syrup, yellow squash, flour tortillas, instant espresso powder, tahini, oil sun tomatoes, dill, turmeric powder, celery, cranberries, smoked paprika, chicken broth, salmon steaks, sausage, caramel sauce, red chili powder, sirloin steak, red bell pepper, crystallized ginger, old bay seasoning, cinnamon, baby carrots, olive oil, carrots, blueberries, rice, lean beef, pretzels, sultanas, turmeric, corn oil, crimini mushrooms, paprika, agave, cream cheese, steamed rice, black sesame, hot sauce, mexican blend cheese, baby corn, sprinkles, pale green parts, onion powder, pumpkin, garlic powder, molasses, broccoli, instant yeast, mozzarella cheese, almond milk, purpose flour, pineapple, peas, elbow pasta, tomato sauce, penne pasta, wheat bread, whipping cream, white cheddar cheese, white fish, white miso paste, white mushrooms, white pepper, white sesame, white vinegar, wide rice noodles, wine vinegar, yellow mustard

🤷‍♀️ Shrug: unbleached purpose, bone in ham, spanish onion, tomatoes in juices, green tea, white corn syrup, dark red kidney beans, black lentils, beet juice, smoked ham hock, red lentils, grits, baby arugula, chard, tarragon, sumac, white flour, limeade concentrate, arugula, yellow curry powder, arborio, picked over, sherry vinegar, stout, wood mushrooms, italian herbs, golden delicious apples, syrup, pickled jalapeño pepper, black olives, roma tomatoes, chicken bouillon, cumin seed, crusty bread, vanilla frosting, snow peas, yeast, beef bouillon granules, yellow potatoes, pine nuts, grapeseed oil, red beans, cognac, capers, pizza sauce, adobo, pineapple juice, basil, dark sesame oil, thai chili, chana dal, peanut oil, pear, goat cheese, shaoxing chinese wine, monterey jack cheese, rapid rise yeast, cabbage, fenugreek, allspice, bay leaf, membranes, black beans, plantains, toasted pecans, ancho chili, light green parts, salmon filets, white button mushrooms, lamb shanks, fennel, corn kernels, ham bone, celery salt, romaine lettuce, chayote, corn, curry powder, juniper berries, chinese five spice powder, panko crumbs, lentils, taco seasoning, ham hock, leeks, instant espresso, summer squash, garlic, toasted walnuts, spinach, jam, black pepper, cider vinegar, blanched almond flour, hot pepper sauce, whipped topping, cucumber, kashmiri chili powder, cardamom, lettuce, chives, onion, daikon radish, rosemary, margarine, pork belly, sunflower, orange peel, red wine vinegar, gruyère cheese, franks hot sauce, grapes, salt, skirt steak, mirin, rhubarb, ghee, raisins, bell pepper, jalapeño pepper, active yeast, herbs, curry, marinara, pecorino cheese, semolina flour, miso, apple, brown lentils, brisket, pumpkin puré, seasoning salt, meat, soba noodles, oil, berries, garam masala, tomato paste, farmers cheese, cornmeal, butter, greek yogurt, arrowroot, sichuan peppercorns, sugar, green peas, cane sugar, beef stock, oyster sauce, gochugaru, nutmeg, apple cider vinegar, purple cabbage, egg, prosciutto, turnips, dark brown sugar, honey, old fashioned oats, red pepper, almond meal, rice wine, beef, italian seasoning, cream mushroom soup, green chili pepper, tomato puree, orange zest, mushrooms, baby bella mushrooms, unsalted butter, all purpose flour, brown rice flour, semolina, mascarpone cheese, canola oil, chicken thighs, artichoke hearts, non dairy milk, sorted, milk, onion soup mix, low fat buttermilk, course sea salt, pasta noodles, flaxseed meal, chow mein noodles, hoisin sauce, self rising flour, egg noodles, coconut cream, cinnamon powder, vanilla, unsulphured molasses, beef stew meat, broth, natural cocoa powder, toasted pumpkin, arbol chili, dipping sauce, flax seed meal, semi sweet chocolate, maple, egg whites, chicken bones, espresso powder, kabocha, cake flour, icing sugar, instant coffee, buttermilk, brown mushrooms, agar, coconut water, condensed tomato soup, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, full fat coconut milk, desiccated coconut, new mexico chili, macaroni, beef base, lady fingers, milk chocolate, savoy cabbage, peppers, baby kale, black tea, oats, quince, vital wheat gluten, chili seasoning, steel oats, white cake mix, white chocolate, white wheat flour, wide egg noodles, yellow onion

Scores poorly: sourdough starter, white quinoa, toasted sesame oil, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash, neutral tasting oil, neutral oil, orzo pasta, sandwich bread, neutral flavored oil, tamarind, dill weed, ginger, dates, flour, toasted almonds, pork shoulder, granulated garlic, cardamom pods, milk powder, brown sugar, cherries, zucchini, sweet hungarian paprika, mustard, mango, figs, wheat, vermouth, sake, cheese, peanuts, spearmint, salt pork, soft unsalted butter, beef tenderloin, flaky sea salt, tofu, pork, flaxseed, palm sugar, poblano pepper, apricot jam, brown rice, semisweet chocolate, ziti, flavorless oil, warm milk, grain brown rice, kalamata olives, jasmine rice, flax, baby potatoes, peanut butter, beans, light brown sugar, cool whip, israeli couscous, granny smith apples, dark rum, chicken drumsticks, bittersweet chocolate, tangerine, sriracha, gala apples, buckwheat groats, semi sweet, cream, navy beans, beef broth, mustard powder, steak, coconut milk, veal, gelatin, granulated white sugar, beef bouillon, lean turkey, medjool dates, cauliflower rice, demerara sugar, red chili flakes, tequila, tempeh, egg yolk, lard, tapioca, salted butter, sushi rice, beer, clam juice, chocolate, ginger root, lasagna noodles, russet potatoes, cornflakes cereal, cocoa, ginger paste, pork chops, distilled white vinegar, sugar snap peas, cream tartar, sauerkraut, chunky salsa, superfine sugar, plums, flank steak, bamboo shoots, corn cobs, wine, soy milk, pumpkin pie spice, coffee, sharp cheddar cheese, crunchy peanut butter, chili oil, roll wrappers, orange rind, marsala wine, red chili peppers, non fat greek yogurt, sherry wine, espresso, cranberry juice, creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate, bulgur wheat, nori, dutched cocoa, chili pepper, pearl barley, green cardamom pods, garbanzo beans, rice noodles, solid vegetable shortening, colby jack cheese, marinated artichokes, steamed white rice, herbes de provence, apple juice, corn syrup, beaten egg, pineapple with juice, boneless chicken breasts, vanilla pod, baby bok choy, skim milk, okra, instant vanilla pudding, squash, ice cream, dark beer, imitation crab, hot rice, sweet apples, unbleached flour, lukewarm milk, rye flour, beef roast, mozarella cheese, sweet rice flour, baking chocolate, glaze, sweet cherries, pickling salt, horseradish root, wheat flour, wild rice, yellow peas

Remember this is how people score them online. A bad combination might not be a bad combination. It might be hard to cook or people make poor substitutions. If you think it makes sense to use something, just pay extra attention.

Here are some great recipes I found with water:

Party Punch V
Review: 4.6/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.2/10

So Simple Punch
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.2/10

Easy Punch
Review: 4.69427/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.2/10

Collard Greens With Farro
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

How to Make Perfect Polenta
Review: 4.87981/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

How to Make Corn on the Cob In The Instant Pot
Review: 4.29/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

Slow Cooker Corn on the Cob
Review: 4.29/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

Couscous Tabbouleh
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas (Fast, Perfect, No Soaking!)
Review: 4.29/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

Baked Ham
Review: 4.56716/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7.1/10

How to Cook Farro
Review: 4.29/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

Authentic New Orleans Red Beans and Rice
Review: 4.7963/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

Refreshing Iced Green Tea
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

Easy Christmas Punch
Review: 4/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

The RIGHT WAY To Cook Greens!
Review: 4.48276/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

Quinoa Salad With Avocado and Kalamata Olives
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

Persian Salmon in Parchment Paper
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 7/10

Easter Ham
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Black-eyed Peas and Ham Hocks
Review: 4.17778/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Green Kale With Raisins & Toasted Pine Nuts
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Instant Pot..
Review: 4.7/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Martha Rose Shulman..
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Barley and Herb Salad With Roasted Asparagus
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Turkish Shepherd..
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Quinoa, Spinach and Mushroom Salad
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Tabbouleh Salad With Grilled Eggplant
Review: 4.29/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Creamy Vegetable Risotto (30 minutes!)
Review: 4.9/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Spiced Chickpea Salad With Tahini and Pita Chips
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Blackened Green Bean and Quinoa Salad
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

Spiced Red Wine Poached Pears
Review: 5/5 Dish Dragon Score: 6.9/10

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